Your Stay-at-Home Self-Care Tips for Daily Routine

It is universally accepted that no job is ever easy. However, despite these claims, many seem to underestimate the inner workings and challenges that come with working from home. While they do have their benefits like being able to manage one’s own time and doing whatever one wants, their disadvantages tend to stem from the same benefits as well.

Add to that the unpredictable circumstances that the world is facing, limited social interaction, and the struggle of working around so many new changes, no one should be surprised that working from home is indeed a struggle. This is exactly why self-care should not be deemed a luxury but a crucial everyday process to keep a person afloat.

Daily Self-Care Tips

While it may not seem like it, self-care is almost taboo for the working class. More often than not, these simple acts of making sure that a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health are ideal could be labelled as either effeminate, sensitive, or weak-willed. However, as they say, these times are a new era. And, with a new era comes change.

Self-care should be at the forefront of a working individual’s priorities. These unprecedented times have not only put a risk to people’s physical health but have major effects on our mental health as well. One fool-proof way to avoid falling into these complications would be to practice healthy and effective self-care.

Here are 3 tips on how to work healthily and productively while also maintaining stress levels on the down-low:

  1. Simulate the On-site Working Experience

Sometimes, the simplest things from everyday life can make the biggest impact on productivity and mental state. This is greatly demonstrated by the fact that being at home provides a constant feeling of rest.

This means that because most people associate places to either work, rest, or entertainment, it will be much harder for the average employee to see their home as an office. To remedy this, it is best to adapt those daily, diminutive tasks of transitioning from the home-to-work into work-from-home. 

Here are 3 steps to achieve this:

  • Get Dressed! 

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

It may feel strange at first but the simple act of changing clothes and freshening up can help immensely in maintaining productivity. However, rest assured, getting dressed here doesn’t necessarily mean formal clothes. Casual clothes do the trick just as well.

This is because the brain needs a sort of signal at the start of the day. Before working from home, this signal would have most likely been taking a shower, getting dressed, and preparing the necessities for the long workday ahead.  This conditions your mind that it is not a weekend or a sick day and helps you transition into a more work-focused mental state instead. 

  • Perform a Daily Commute 

Just like how getting dressed can be a signal for starting your workday, having a routine ‘commute’ system also helps in getting the head into the zone. However, because the distance between the workspace and the bedroom isn’t large in most cases, try to do something in between that will resemble that time. 

For example, doing some mindfulness exercises or sipping a cup of coffee or tea while looking outside can be great replacements for the daily commute. This will help in transitioning to work, just like a daily commute would be. 

  • Assign a Designated Work Area 

The last step to simulating the on-site working experience would be to have a workspace, to begin with. However, as enticing as it may sound, working on the bed or the couch lessens productivity. Much like the other steps, this step also works by giving the brain a tiny nudge to transition into that work mode.

Sitting on an actual chair that is designated for work can lengthen one’s attention span, increase productivity, and increase confidence. 

Another tip is to keep the workspace neat. They say that a person’s surroundings will give an idea into the mental state of a person. As true as that is, the cleanliness of an area also affects it. Having an organized space can not only lessen the distractions but also increase the motivation of an employee. 

  1. Be More Consistent 

Having a set routine has been proven time and time again to be the best way to have a more productive and healthy life. This applies not only to work but also to everyday life. Here are 3 ways to achieve consistency:

  • Follow a regular sleep schedule

For starters, having a consistent sleep schedule does wonders for your health. The first thing to be affected when adjusting to a work-from-home schedule is a person’s sleep schedule. Time management is not the easiest thing to grasp and it plays a big role in working from home. 

Rather than sleeping through downtimes, it is best to fill it with another activity to provide a quick change of pace, rather than messing up a person’s sleep schedule.

  • Impose break times 

Another is to always have break times embedded into the daily schedule. While it may get overwhelming to see a mountain of tasks piling up, forcing one’s self to take a break and letting the mind and body rest will lessen or avoid stress.

  • Set a time to get off work

Lastly, set a time to finish work and simulate going home. It may be tempting to keep on working even after working hours. However, many have failed to take care of themselves due to this same habit. Clock out and take into heart the fact that the work will never disappear, even after finishing everything in one day. 

  1. Have a Healthy Mindset 

One surprise that most people don’t expect when working from home is having a greater tendency to neglect health.  An example of this is developing unhealthy eating habits. Because there is an endless amount of food available at home, eating junk food while working is common in these times. A way to combat that is meal prepping. 

Through planning out meals and preparing them in advance, there is a lesser risk that unnecessary snacking will occur. Meals can also serve as motivation and reward for finishing work. 

Having a set exercise routine and time also helps in maintaining one’s figure. Because all the gyms are closed down, it is much more difficult for average people to buckle down and get into the swing of exercise. However, with enough repetitions and discipline, exercise can also provide a change of pace and in some cases, energize others in their workday.

Part of taking care of your health is also having hobbies and activities that provide happiness. Having a designated time for those can also improve one’s health. 

With all these tips, it is very important to be intentional. Having the discipline to follow these guidelines can help immensely in having a greater, more balanced lifestyle. This is not to say that there’s no time for entertainment or beauty pursuits. After applying all of these to daily life, it is also crucial to pursue interests. Maybe sign up for beauty and makeup courses or look into revamping one’s appearance by looking for hair transplant services in Mississauga or any near you.

Regardless, by incorporating these tips into a daily routine and practicing them with discipline, there is no doubt that a person can live their best life while working from home.