Your Guide to Purchasing Commercial Restaurant Chairs

Making sure your chairs are comfortable for a large amount of people can be very difficult. Some people prefer cushioned arm chairs, while others enjoy sitting on folding chairs. So how do you know which chairs to choose? This is a challenge that chain restaurant owners run into often, as they have multiple locations and are seating hundreds, if not thousands, of customers. To ensure you have the best commercial restaurant chairs, you need to do your research and explore your possible options. Don’t start looking at cushioned armchairs if you know you only have space for high top chairs and tables. Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing commercial restaurant chairs, 

Price: This is a no-brainer, as you think about the price of everything before buying it. The difference here is that you’re purchasing for a much larger scale, so being financially conscious is a must. Price can also be difficult because the price of furniture can also determine it’s comfort level and durability. Since this is the case, it’s difficult to decide, as you don’t want to sacrifice your customers comfort, but you also don’t want to completely drain your bank account by buying the nicest chairs available. The key is to compromise and set a budget. Having a budget will help you set boundaries and not go too crazy with your spending. Compromise is also key. Being open to compromise can help you with tough questions and help you find the perfect chairs, as you’ll be more open-minded and willing to think outside the box a bit. 

Availability:  Chances are if you’re purchasing commercial restaurant chairs, then you have a large space to fill, or you have several locations that need furnishing. When shopping for furniture, be sure to keep this in mind. Calculate the number of chairs you will need, or a number close to what you think you’ll need. Also calculate the space you have in each restaurant, so the space isn’t overcrowded or under filled. Once you have that number, be sure to only look at pieces that are available in that quantity. If you don’t, you might find chairs that you like more, however, you won’t be able to fill all of your space(s), which would be disappointing. 

Comfort: Last, but not least, is comfort. Comfort is key, but is sometimes disregarded when restaurant owners look at the big picture. Oftentimes, people think about the cheapest way to furnish their restaurants, but making sure your guests are comfortable is crucial. If they’re not comfortable during their dining experience, they may not want to return, which would hurt your business. Comfort is definitely worth the extra cost for your guests. Just think about yourself; when you’re out to eat, don’t you like to be comfortable and able to relax? Well your guests want the same, so be sure to deliver that. If possible, sit in the chairs yourself, so you can truly see how comfortable it is. 

Keeping these factors in mind will surely help you in your journey to find the best furniture for your restaurant. Price, availability, and comfort all go hand-in-hand, so it’s important to brainstorm and have an idea before going shopping. Also, don’t feel pressured into purchasing your chairs the first time you visit the store. Keep a list of the potential chairs that meet your criteria and once you have explored all of your options and reviewed your must-haves, then it’s time to buy.