Urinary incontinence and its treatment

Urinary incontinence is the medical term to explain the condition of leakage of urine. This implies that the person urinates even on the slightest of the stress. It is a common problem in middle and old aged people due to weakening or loss of voluntary control on the muscles of the urinary sphincter.  

Here are the identifying symptoms of urinary incontinence:

The problem of urinary incontinence can happen to anybody from either gender. The prevailing causes of urinary incontinence are:

For males

For females

Urinary incontinence can keep getting gradually severe with time if treatment is delayed for months. Rashes, sores, and urinary tract infections are the common complications that occur if a person does not receive proper treatment. 

What are the effective treatments for urinary incontinence?

Natural-Treatment (Dietary changes, Lifestyle Changes and Behavioural Exercises)

Medicines to cure urinary incontinence

Some of the best Ayurvedic medicines for urinary incontinence are:

Effective homeopathic remedies for urinary incontinence include:

Urinary incontinence can be treated through allopathic medicines as well. The most widely prescribed classes of medicines for urinary incontinence are as follows:

The aforementioned non-surgical treatments are effective in most cases. However, if these fail to bring the positive results, it is better to consider the surgical option for urinary incontinence treatment.

Nowadays, the modern laser procedure for urinary incontinence is the most preferred surgery for treating the condition.

Laser surgery for permanent relief from urinary incontinence

Laser treatment for urinary incontinence is a state of the art technique that is becoming widely popular these days. In this advanced procedure, the surgeon makes use of a CO2 laser to loosen the urinary tract muscles. As a result, the urine can flow easily and this resolves the discomforts of urinary incontinence.

Laser treatment for urinary incontinence does not require any cuts or stitches and is thus minimally invasive. The procedure is not at all painful and the surgery treats urinary incontinence permanently. In addition to having very high success rates, laser treatment is 100% safe and reliable as well. It has no risk of complications or infections and also offers a smooth and speedy recovery. You just need to follow a few instructions that your doctor provides, and you’ll recover within no time.

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Final Words

It may take some to notice the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Medical diagnosis is necessary to rule out the cause and severity of the condition. Now that the modern surgical treatment for urinary incontinence has become so simple and complication-free, there is nothing to worry if and when your doctor recommends undergoing surgery. So, if you have been holding apprehensions regarding urinary incontinence lately, it’s high time to give up that. Feel free to speak to a specialist doctor and choose the seamless treatment over stress and misery. 

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