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Top 5 Personal Loans Apps In India To for Instant Approval

Personal Loans Apps In India

Personal Loans Apps In India

Personal loans are the best way to meet your finances when there are no other available means. Whether you need funds to finance a medical emergency, your children’s higher education, international travel, or manage someone’s wedding, a personal loan can cater to all your financial needs. 

With the advent of the internet and technological developments, the process of acquiring a personal loan has become convenient and hassle-free. Through a personal loan app, you can access funds within hours after approval from the comfort of your home. Since everything is 100% digital, it eliminates the time wasted in manual paperwork and loan formalities.  

The benefit of a personal loan app is that it offers quick approval and disbursal facilities. You can submit your application and track its status online. All you need is a smartphone with internet connectivity to apply for a personal loan and access the funds you need. Here are the top 5 personal loan app in India: 

Top 5 Personal Loans Apps In India

  1. Fullerton India Instaloan App

Fullerton India Instaloan App is a quick and hassle-free instant loan app available for both salaried and self-employed professionals. It serves multiple purposes, which means that Fullerton India imposes no restrictions on the end-use of the sanctioned loan amount. It offers a quick loan disbursal facility, promising to credit the approved loan amount into your bank account within 24 hours of loan approval.  

Features and benefits of Fullerton India Instaloan App

  1. EarlySalary

It is an online loan app that aims to serve both salaried and self-employed individuals who have short-term needs. The best part about the Early Salary is that you can still get a personal loan even if you do not have a credit history. Filling accurate information and submitting proper documents will get your application approved within 10 minutes.  

Features and benefits of EarlySalary 

  1. KreditBee

KreditBee is one of the best online loan apps in terms of security. It comes with 128 bit SSL encryption that ensures the safety of your personal information. You will need to download the app, fill in your details, and submit your documents. The loan amount will be transferred to your registered bank account upon approval. 

Features and benefits of KreditBee

  1. CashBean

CashBean is another instant loan app that offers minimal documentation and flexible repayment options. Both salaried and self-employed professionals can apply for a loan of up to Rs. 60000. It warrants quick approval and disbursal processes. Upon approval, the sanctioned loan amount is transferred to your registered bank account. 

Features and benefits of CashBean

  1. mPokket

mPokket is primarily designed to offer instant personal loans to students in India. If you are a student of one of the educational institutions in India, you can opt for a maximum loan amount of Rs. 20000. The best part is that there is minimal documentation, and you can get a loan without any salary slips. 

Features and Benefits of mPokket


If you need funds urgently, you can apply for a personal loan through one of the above-said instant loan apps and access instant funds as per your needs.

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