Top 5 Best CBD strains for losing weight

CBD oil

CBD use has grown exponentially over the years and this growth means that there will be more cannabis advocates fighting for the complete legalization of Top 5 Best CBD strains for losing weight medical marijuana, possibly recreational too, globally. In the US alone, over 30 states have openly supported and legalized medical marijuana use and this has led to various breeders concentrating their efforts in growing various CBD strains to meet the growing demand for medical marijuana. Among the medical benefits that have surfaced is the relationship of CBD as an aid in helping people lose weight. Let us now try to dissect if there is some truth to this claim.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a  compound found in the marijuana plant that is said to give its users a calm and relaxed demeanor. This compound is said to contain anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving characteristics. Unlike its other popular compound, THC, this compound is not psychoactive.

CBD and its Medicinal Value

CBD is the compound that gives the healing effects of cannabis, giving it an important medicinal value as an integral part of the healing process offered by medical marijuana. CBD has been recently tied with weight loss, although not directly, it affects the mental and physical state of the user “Top 5 Best CBD strains for losing weight” to aid in their eventual loss in weight. CBD was found out to increase metabolism which leads to the burning of fat cells easier. It also helps reduce food intake by interacting with body receptors to suppress appetite. Lastly, CBD is known to promote the browning of fat cells, which are the bodily fat in the body responsible for the burning of calories.

CBD nowadays is offered as CBD infused edibles, CBD oils, and high CBD cannabis marijuana strains. They have been readily available since the legalization of medical cannabis in most states and can be purchased either in marijuana dispensaries or online seed banks.

Below are our recommended 5 high CBD marijuana strains. But these marijuana strains can have thor CBD extracted and concentrated into oils for a more effective effect.

Charlotte’s Web– considered one of the best known high Top 5 Best CBD strains for losing weight content which was measured at 13%. This is considered one of the best known medical marijuana strains available in the market today

ACDC This balanced hybrid has an Indica to Sativa ratio of 50/50. Known as a very effective medical cannabis strain, its CBD content was measured at a whopping 20% making it a go-to weed for a lot of medical cannabis practitioners.

Harle-Tsu – This California bred hybrid is a cross between two well known medical cannabis strains, Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Its CBD content ranges between 13% to 18%. This weed won Best CBD strain at the 2014 Emerald Cup

Sour Space Candy – This weed was particularly bred for its high CBD content. This weed has none or an almost insignificant amount of THC. Its CBD content however is measured at 21%. 

Ringo’s Gift – This Sativa-dominant hybrid gives a full-on cerebral high that promotes an energy-rich high that blends well with a fully relaxed mind and body. Some phenotypes of this variety have a 24:1 CBD to THC ratio, thus making it a great medical cannabis strain.

While these cannabis strains ‘Top 5 Best CBD strains for losing weight‘ might help suppress the appetite, it is still best to keep a healthy diet and a regular workout schedule to achieve the desired weight loss. These strains are only here as an aid to losing weight and not the main component in the weight loss regimen.