Top 18 Best Harvest Moon Games – Games like Harvest Moon

Introduction to Harvest Moon Series

Harvest Moon Series is mostly like the Stardew Valley game because of its gameplay and style. More than 10 different games are created by inspiration from this game series. Harvest Moon series was 1st released in 1996 and they are still releasing new games after a gap of year or 2. Each game is different from each other and players need to complete different challenges. Most of the tasks assigned to players are just about helping others by using different resources. Help them work on farms, make houses, and much more.

Some of the important character customization options are also available which player can see at the start of the game. It’s hard to write about every single game in our article but you can read about the best 10 games below which are chosen as per their popularity, quality of gameplay, and some other important factors. But overall this game is a success because they continue releasing many games with time. There are a lot of changes in games with time and you may see a huge difference between past games & new ones.

There is an old classic style of gaming with some simple options like Stardew Valley. Most of these games are created for other platforms like Nintendo, Playstation, and some of them you can play on pc too. There are different types of players which you can see playing these games. Some of them may talk about the best old games and style. But most players really love to play new games in series which they are releasing after major updates.

The main concept in this series is all about farming but with time now its no longer limited to any specific agenda. After reading some of the games below, you will understand how much each game is different from each other. Some of focusing on farming, others are about completing missions and more. Harvest Moon is one of the best inspirational series because a lot of more games are created because of its popularity and concept which is very famous already. Most games in series are built for Nintendo Switch but some games are also there which are released for Pc and Android too.