The suspect was holding a gun that was discharged while they attempted to

Angela Moore said Thursday the dispute occurred when two of her former foster children were at her home in east Columbus to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday.

“It was over keeping the house clean,” Moore told CNN. “The older one told them to clean up the house because ‘Mom doesn’t like the house dirty.'”

“Come up here!” the woman shouts. “We got … grown girls over here trying to fight us, trying to stab us, trying to put her hands on our grandma, get here now!”

“Do you see any weapons?” the dispatcher then says while the arguing continues from the other end of the line.

“We need a police officer here now!” the woman says before eventually hanging up.

In a second 911 call, another unidentified woman – who sounds different than the first caller – gives the address where the shooting happened and then says, “Never mind the police are already out here, never mind, thank you.”

Moore told CNN that during the argument over cleaning, Bryant, according to another girl inside the house at the time, said, “You’re not the guardian of me.”

“They argue all the time, but I never thought it would escalate like that,” Moore added.

The foster mother said she was at work when the incident unfolded and had gotten a phone call from the 22-year-old woman – seen in police body camera footage as wearing all pink – demanding that she return home.


“Mom, get home. Where are you? They’re going crazy,” Moore said to CNN, recalling what she was told on that call. “She said they shot Ma’Khiz and I said, ‘Huh?’ It was just crazy.”

Moore said she then started receiving text messages on her phone from people saying, “I’m sorry,” and learned of Bryant’s death upon returning to the property.

Fox News’ Paul Best contributed to this report.

Interesting that with all the focus on the actions of the police officer no one is questioning if the adults present could not have done more to stop the fight before the police arrived. If the View can ask why didn’t the policeman fire his gun in the air, why don’t we ask why didn’t the adult mention that if you keep it up the police will arrive? The adults should be held accountable for the actions that resulted in this sad tragedy.

Question answered. Foster kids living with Foster parents who was probably doing the best she could to raise these kids. Unfortunately, it simply wasn’t enough for these kids to appreciate what they were given, and it ended in the death of one of them.

At some point, people have to understand what growing up without the LOVE of the real parents does to children. Now, that is not to say all Foster children act out this way, but the data clearly shows the potential for violence, and it can not be disputed.

Anyway, I am already sick and tired of hearing, reading, and watching this story. As far as I am concerned, it was 100% justifiable, and the officer should be immediately reinstated to the Columbus Police force. And if some people do not like that, TOUGH.

I support the police. Blue lives matter. And I feel for the police officers who work in democrat-run districts. Many are in the position of having achieved rank in their Departments and now are forced to decide whether to start over somewhere else, or stay in a department that has not only no support, but forces working against them. And worst of all is the fact that many quality officers will leave for other departments outside their areas, and those with disciplinary issues and a history of being problematic will be unable to leave. And who will police departments hire to replace the quality officers who are leaving? Who will want to work there? In police departments, you are who you hire, and I find it difficult to believe that many quality people will want to work in democrat-infested districts.

LeBron James didn’t go to college and tweets the hateful targeting of the officer involved. Picture depicts college students at Ohio State University protesting the killing. Both jumped to conclusions, and acted out before having even a shred of further information and the video to go on. In sum, what is the college education or the millions of dollars of wealth worth when the conclusion is the same? Sophisticated education and the money to purchase it do not provide what this society truly needs and in fact worsens it.

KEY POINT to recognize in the storyline. Foster home! While having loving foster parents can help children, too many times you will see a home in your community that isn’t doing it out of love or concern but doing it because they get a Government check for the foster child that the kids never sees. Pays pretty good, and the government subsidizes everything from food, to vehicle to medical.

The Foster Dad has no business being a Foster Parent for Kicking the girl in the head who was down on the ground, so what charges is he facing? The policeman did the right thing as the girl did have a knife in her hand and was in the position and action of stabbing the other girl. Had he not shot her and she stabbed the other girl resulting in her death he would still be vilified. LeBron James and Politicians need to be held legally accountable for calling for the officer’s death. When they keep politicizing these incidents is does not allow any room for a fair trial or evaluation of everyone involved and the situation.

So, here is what will happen next. Maxine Waters and the far left will say justice needs to be served against the rookie police officer and cries to defund the police will increase, Lebron James’s tweet will be taken seriously by someone so the officer will need protection, then with the outrage that will happen against the officer actions, he will get charged and will most likely be found guilty. That is the way the world operates. Police are now becoming the victims. This is so wrong.

Knoxville, Tennessee, saw a second night of protesting Thursday in reaction to the recent shooting death by police of high school student Anthony Thompson Jr.

Wednesday’s first night of unrest followed the release of police bodycam footage of the incident and the Knox County district attorney’s claim that a police officer’s use of deadly force was justified.

The video showed Thompson, 17, was carrying a gun when he was shot in a school restroom, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

On Thursday, calls for police reforms and for the Knoxville police officers involved in the shooting to face charges seemed louder than during the previous evening’s protest, the report said.

“This has been going on too long, and we are here to say, ‘Enough is enough,’” the Rev. Calvin Skinner, a local faith leader, told Thursday’s gathering, according to the newspaper.


Thompson was the fifth student of Austin-East Magnet High School to die by gunfire in 2021, the report said.

Protesters argued that the video showed a murder, not a police officer acting in self-defense.

Several police officers watched Thursday’s protest from the roof of the city’s police headquarters, the News Sentinel reported.

It wasn’t clear if there was any vandalism, violence or arrests.

Prior to the April 12 shooting, Thompson was seen roaming around the school during class hours after being involved in an altercation with his former girlfriend, WATE-TV of Knoxville reported.

Four officers had responded to the school after a domestic abuse call from the girl’s mother. The officers went into a restroom where they believed Thompson was, reportedly unaware that Thompson was armed.

According to authorities, the video shows officers locating and then attempting to handcuff Thompson. One officer grabs Thompson’s right arm, but Thompson’s left arm is in his sweatshirt pocket where the video shows he is holding a handgun. The barrel of the weapon is seen poking through the pocket. Thompson’s weapon then goes off, hitting a trash can but not any of the officers.


As the officers reacted, Officer Jonathon Clabough is then seen drawing his weapon and shooting Thompson in a shoulder. Clabough fires his weapon again as Thompson falls to the floor with the officers surrounding him.

The officers did not realize Thompson had been shot until about two minutes later, after handcuffing him, turning him over and seeing blood.

Fox News’ Stephen Sorace and The Associated Press contributed to this story.

The suspect was holding a gun that was discharged while they attempted to restrain him and the officers were confused into thinking their lives were in danger? If their lives weren’t in danger from an armed suspect firing his weapon, when would they have been? What part of “armed suspect firing his weapon” is even remotely confusing as to its threat to life?

There was no confusion and the reporter who wrote this needs to go clean toilets somewhere. The officer who fired the shot thought his partner had been shot by the thug who fired two rounds first. The black officer fired his weapon in self-defense to protect all three officers and the students & teachers in the school. Go watch the DA’s news conference where everything was disclosed including all of the body camera videos that the racist protestors were demanding. There’s something called an investigation that must occur first before evidence is released but these thug protestors don’t respect the rule of law. Now it’s all been released and they’re not willing to accept the truth. Go take your racism somewhere else.

All we hear about is what the police could have done differently or better. Whenever something bad happens to me the first thing I ask myself is what could I have done differently to avoid putting myself in that situation in the first place. Instead, we hear race-baiting politicians like Maxine Waters always putting the onus of responsibility on the police. I can’t remember the last time I had to deal with a police officer for any reason

That phrase caught my attention, too. What a ridiculous statement! Of course they thought their lives were in danger! They’re trying to handcuff a kid in school who had been in a physical altercation with his girlfriend, he had one hand in his sweatshirt where he had a gun stashed with the barrel pointing outwards, it goes off. Their lives WERE IN DANGER. This kid sounds like he was a mess and not to be trusted.

The 17-year old young man was carrying a 9mm Glock handgun, which is the same make and caliber carried by 90% of police forces in the US. 9mm Glocks cost in excess of $400.00. Where did that 17-year old kid get a 9mm Glock in the first place? What is there to protest? He could very easily have killed one of the police officers who were attempting to arrest him. Instead of complying with the police, he put his hand in the pocket where he was carrying his Glock and discharged the gun. What is there to protest? His conduct is indefensible.