Terrible solar storm is coming, the internet system may collapse!

Terrible solar storm or ‘solar storm’ is coming. As a result, all the internet communication systems in the world may collapse.

Terrible solar storm is coming, the internet system may collapse!


And it can last for weeks or even months. Such solar storms are called coronal mass ejection (CME) in scientific terms. Which is extremely dangerous for the entire solar system.

A recent study by the University of California, Irvine, in the United States, gave the signal. The research paper has passed the peer review stage and is awaiting publication in an international science research journal. The research paper was published online last Tuesday.

Researchers say that the modern world saw a catastrophe like the impending solar storm in 1859 and 1921. In that case, it can be said that after 100 years, the earth is going to face a terrible solar storm again.

The devastation caused by the catastrophic solar storm in 1921 was unprecedented. In scientific terms, its name is ‘Carrington effect’. That solar storm caused huge cracks in the huge magnetic field around the earth. And very poisonous solar particles and cosmic rays entered through its gap.

The sound of the telegraph burst into flames for a long time. The aurora (‘aurora’), which is usually seen only at the two poles of the earth, was also seen in Colombia below the equator during the solar flare. In a very bright way.

The researchers wrote that the probability of such a catastrophic solar storm or CME hitting the Earth is 1.8 to 12 percent per decade. This time around, the world may have to endure such a CME leap. Which is very likely.

Sangeeta Abdu Jyoti, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, who is the lead researcher, said: Because it is not yet possible to predict when a terrible solar storm will rise in the Sun’s atmosphere (Corona). However, it can be said that it will take at least 13 hours for the terrible solar storm to reach the earth. ‘























The energy (plasma) that originates at the center of the sun takes a million years to reach the surface of the universe. At high altitudes, the plasma explodes and spreads. As a result, black spots appear in the six rays of the sun through the gap of the universe. These are also sunspots. Some people think that the areas of the sun where black spots are seen have less warmth than the bright part of its surroundings.

A powerful solar storm is approaching the earth. According to Spaceweather’s website, the storm is moving at a speed of 1.8 million kilometers per hour. The storm will hit the earth on Sunday (July 11) or Monday (July 12).

The origin of this storm is from the atmosphere of the sun. From the North and South Poles this storm will result in great views. Instability in the sun has been observed for the last several months.

NASA claims that this high-speed storm could result in disruption of satellite signals. This can cause disruption to GPS and mobile signals.

Earlier in May, scientists claimed that the sun had woken up. At that time, millions of tons of hot gas emitted from the sun. The hot gas emitted from the sun during a solar storm contains gas with electric charge from which magnetic waves are generated.

Scientists fear that this could affect the world’s radio, GPS. But scientists say it is unlikely to have a direct impact on the Earth.

Note that in 2020, Surya started a new 11-year cycle. This bike will reach its peak in 2025. The last solar storm on Earth hit 18 years ago. However, compared to that time, our dependence on technology has increased several times. However, scientists fear that this solar storm could disrupt technology around the world.

Source: Hindustan Times