Monmouth women’s basketball coach Jody Craig resigns

The week began with the suspension of women’s basketball coach Jodie Craig in the opening match of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament from the University of Manmath on Tuesday.

And the day after the Hawks were knocked out on the opening round of season 2-1, the school announced Craig’s immediate resignation.

School officials haven’t yet said why Craig was placed in the MAAC tournament.

“I would like to thank him for his commitment to the Monmouth Women’s Basketball Team over the past four years,” said Marymoth McNeil, Monmouth Athletics director. With the goal of winning, we look forward to finding the next coach who will continue to take this program a conference title and beyond. “

Defeating Ryder 44-41 on Tuesday, assistant head coach James Young will take over as the team’s temporary head coach once the nationwide searches begin. Former head coach of Young Red Bank Regional and Rumson-Fair Haven High School.

Craig Jenny joined the Manmuth Women’s Basketball Program as Palmerter’s assistant coach before the 2017-18 season. Craig was promoted to head coach after Palmer was sacked after nine games that season.

Since then, Craig’s side has been 33-69, including 23-4 in the MAAC match.

The closing of the season on 40 days of COVID-19, Monmouth aggressively challenged the entire campaign. Hawking was finally linked to the 335 Division I program for his offensive score, averaging 46.0 points.

Hawks won a goodbye in the first round in their first full season in 2018-19 and placed fourth at MAAC. Native Irvine, California, won three MAAC tournaments during his tenure.

The University of Monmouth drove women’s basketball coach Jodie Craig away during Tuesday’s opening match of Atlantic City’s MAAC tournament.

“Craig has been suspended for his role in the team’s game against Rider at Boardwalk Hall, because of his behavior incompatible with the goals and objectives of the university and athletics department,” the school said in a statement.

The former head coach of Red Bank Regional and Rumson-Fair Haven High will take over during the dismissal of assistant head coach James Young Craig.

Hawks entered the tournament as the tenth seed at half past one in the evening with the seventh-grade Bronx. Tuesday. The winner faced second-place Quinnipiac on Wednesday at 2:30 pm.

Manmuth finished the regular season with a record 2-15 with four consecutive losses. They have 2-10 records in league matches.

Hawks did not play any matches from December 15 to January 24 due to the CVD-19 outage.

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In four seasons at Manmouth, Craig has a 33-68 record since he played nine games from Jenny Palmer in the 2017-18 season.