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Merrick Garland confirmed as attorney general in Senate vote

On Wednesday, the Senate confirmed the Attorney General’s candidate Merrick Garland in a powerful dual Mer0-30 vote, and by sending a federal appeals court judge to the judiciary, it will protect the agency from politics and promise an investigation into the deadly US capital. Attack is his top priority.

Having received 755 votes after being approved as the country’s chief law enforcement officer under the Obama administration, Eric Holder has the largest margin of approval in favor of the attorney general.

Garland received a vote Wednesday to deny the hearing after 20 Republicans, including a member of the party leadership, were nominated for the Supreme Court nearly five years ago.

Dick Durbin, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Merrick Garland was determined to write a new chapter in the civil service in his life, and the Senate eventually gave him this opportunity. He is the right person to rule the judgment at this moment in history.

Among those who opposed the nomination, Senator Ted Cruz of R-Texas said Garland had not made it clear that he would defend the department against political interference.

According to Cruz, my hope as the new attorney general is that Merrick Garland will lead the judiciary with a commitment to integrity and adherence to the rule of law.

Garland, who most recently served as a judicial officer in the Clinton administration, faced Republican resistance at this month’s affirmation hearing, and some praised the candidate as “a very good choice” for leading a divided political department under Trump. Administration.

“I’m not the president’s lawyer last week,” Garland told the lawmakers. My job is to protect the judiciary.

The work, described as the senate’s statement this month, is unlike any other in the face of the newly arrived attorney general.

Garland said his first briefing as the attorney general focused on the investigation of Capitol riots, one of the largest in the history of the episode.

While more than 300 suspects have been charged so far, important questions remain about the level of coordination, including whether lawmakers or other officials helped the rebels in the days leading up to the blockade.

Federal officials did not file a complaint alleging the murder of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, and this week the FBI filed a new public aid appeal behind a suspect who planted a pipe bomb near the headquarters of the Republican and Democratic National Committees. Capitol Hill neighborhood the night before the attack.

What will happen to Trump?

Garland may face a clear investigation as to whether the judiciary should investigate and possibly prosecute former President Donald Trump for inciting riots.

Outside the Capital Uprising: More than half a dozen legal challenges for Trump’s next presidency

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell put Trump’s fate to trial last month when he acquitted the former Senate president in his impeachment case.

Following the hearing in the Senate, McConnell said there was no question that President Trump was practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day. You have any questions about this. Still did not run away with anything.

Not after Watergate

During the Trump administration, a serious task awaited the morale of an agency that was at the center of the tumbling crisis during the Trump administration when the president tried to use this department for his own political interests.

Garland pointed to the urgency of the post, in line with the later Watergate era, when the judicial system faced a similar challenge to separate itself from the political interests of a president, shortly after his nomination and during the confirmation hearing.

Garland told senators earlier this month that many of the policies the judiciary has developed in these (post-Watergate) years are the basis for the reconstruction of policies that will enable the ministry to comply with the rule of law.

These are policies that tightly regulate communication with the White House, protecting the ministry from biased influence in law enforcement.

Hunter biden tax review

One test of this commitment is a federal tax investigation led by Connecticut Federal Attorney John Durham, appointed by the President’s son Hunter Biden and Trump Attorney General William Barr, involving a pending investigation into the origin of the Russia investigation.

Asked about Hunter Biden in his confirmation, Garland said he did not discuss the situation with President Joe Biden.

‘I don’t have it,’ Garland said. The President clearly stated in every press release before and after my candidacy that the decisions on investigations and cases will be left to the judiciary.

At the joint hearing Tuesday, the influence of politics became an ongoing issue, not only for Garland, but also for Deputy Attorney General candidate Lisa Monaco and deputy attorney general Vanita Gupta. Once approved, they will become the second and third highest ranking officers in the division.

Monaco told the senators that I understood that the judiciary has a unique place in our government. It is an executive body that realizes the president’s legal policy goals – policy goals, political goals. She is also an independent investigator and prosecutor and should be free from any political or partisan influence in this activity.

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