several Korean Drama films with the theme About Medical Personnel

several Korean Drama films with the theme About Medical Personnel

Korean Drama with the theme of Medical Workers

The Drakor film that unifies the fallen people aka HOSPITAL PLAYLIST is now over and has a happy ending. The completion of this drama is a moment that makes drama lovers sad and happy at the same time. There are also those who have not been able to move on from this drama because the story is good and very enjoyable.

Drama that uses medical personnel as an inspiration for stories is no stranger to drama connoisseurs. Even a number of drama titles with the theme of medical personnel are being hunted by drama connoisseurs and lovers.

For KLovers who still haven’t moved on with HOSPITAL PLAYLIST, maybe you can try watching this series of dramas. Besides being fun, this drama will also add insight to KLovers about the medical world and so on. Come on, just read it. The following is a series of medical personnel themed dramas that can fill KLovers’ days after the end of the HOSPITAL PLAYLIST.

  1. DR. ROMANTIC (2016)
    This one drama became popular because the story is full of life values ​​and light romantic stories that will make KLovers’ hearts feel comfortable. DR. ROMANTIC itself tells the story of the life of the best surgeon in Korea named Boo Yong-Joo (Han Suk-Kyu) who suddenly disappeared when he was at the peak of his career.
    However, what actually happened was that he purposely lost himself due to a trauma and later changed his name to Kim Sa-bu. His life slowly began to improve when he met two young doctors who worked in the same place as him. Are you sure you’re not interested in this drama?
    Being one of the booming drakors in 2016, DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN succeeded in making the audience fall in love with every scene and actor in it. The drama, starring Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo, is about a military army captain who falls in love at first sight with a beautiful neurosurgeon named Kang Mo-Yeon.
    Unfortunately, the profession must separate those who are in love. Who would have thought, that these two individuals were reunited because of a peace mission in a fictional country called Urk.

Apart from the fact that the drama is very well packaged, KLovers who watch will also be excited about the romantic stories of the couples here. Moreover, tense and horrific events will also accompany as a complement in this story.

  1. BLOOD (2015)
    What happens if a vampire becomes a doctor huh? Hmm… Maybe KLovers can find the answer through this one drama. BLOOD tells the story of a surgeon who is very great and is recognized by his abilities by many people. However, who would have thought that this doctor was a vampire who usually sucked human blood.
    Despite having a cold appearance, in fact he is someone who is very gentle and likes every relationship he has with humans. He even met a beautiful young doctor who was able to make him fall in love. How will their story continue?

    When he was a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk) along with his father who is a famous doctor in South Korea were deliberately kidnapped by a group of people and taken to North Korea. In that country, he was taught and trained by his father to become a great doctor.
    After the death of his father, Park Hoon then fled to his home country and worked as a doctor at a famous hospital called Myungwoo University Hospital. But fate leads him to a woman who looks like an acquaintance he previously lost contact with when he fled to South Korea. Will luck be on his side?

  1. GOOD DOCTOR (2013)
    Different from the stories of other medical personnel, GOOD DOCTOR presents a story that will touch the hearts of KLovers from the first episode to the last. GOOD DOCTOR itself tells the story of a young doctor who has special needs named Park Shi On (Joo Won). However, he is very talented and has the ability to complete any given task.
    His journey to become a great doctor was not smooth. Moreover, he is also often underestimated by his fellow doctors due to his condition. Did his struggle to become the best doctor pay off?
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