How to manage adoption in a cost effective manner?


Do you know what’s the real value of adoption? By way of a third party adoption or any other type through which you become adoptive parents? It is in giving a homeless child a loving family. It is also in childless couples having a happier home after bringing a child into their lives and making him their own.

While adopting is no longer a taboo, it is an important legal procedure that is followed in collaboration with and adoption lawyer, who systematically sees that the adoption proceedings are completed without hiccups if all Georgia adoption law requirements are being met. This, takes money; only the amount varies based on the cost factors.

Let’s discuss how you might select your options carefully and hence manage a better total cost.

How can I make the adoption more affordable?

As much as you might have the goal of cost effectiveness in your mind, the truth is that adoption is a sensitive matter that involves detail processes, court presentations and document preparation. That said, your goal should be seeking value for money, charges that justify every penny you spend; after all, peace of mind and trust that the adoption is going on seamlessly is invaluable.

Here a few things you can consider to make an intelligent decision.

Choosing the mode of adoption

Picking between adoption types is not always in your control. Having the choice however can make some difference to the cost you incur. For instance, a third party adoption involves filing for such a child’s adoption that has been brought to your knowledge from your circle of friends. This cuts the middle man in the form of an adoption agency or a state department and hence saves you the money you would have spent with them. Keeping the remaining details aside, if you choose to adopt from a foreign land, be prepared to deal with costs you would have to incur in completing formalities with the court in child’s country of origin as well as your own country

Selection of adoption attorney

A simple way to find a good lawyer is to look up directories of relevant associations with whom these lawyers are registered as a part of a fraternity. For adoption attorney in Atlanta, for instance Georgia Council of Adoption Lawyers is one place to look up several options. Your intent however should not be landing the cheapest attorney in town but rather a lawyer who is

  • Experienced in handling cases of adoption type you are going with
  • In depth knowledge of family laws, court procedures and documentation requirements
  • Affiliated with an accredited association
  • Plays role as a representative as well as a legal advisor
  • Has compassion in terms of the situation at hand; has to handle things using excellent communication skills

Not all best lawyers would charge you and arm and a leg.  Your source of taking reviews would be pulling out reviews and testimonials from clients about his/her performance in the past.

Consider special options

The world is evolving at an astonishing speed. Technology has brought together people from different parts of the world to share their ideas, thoughts and even collaborate with each other on things that they believe are important for the betterment of society. This is the reason why people have become more open to welcoming children from other countries into their families as their adoptive parents. You must do your research well but some of the countries for a more cost effective adoption include place like Ukraine, Jamaica, Ethiopia & China, according to some sources.

Do your homework

The key to making an informed decision is having all necessary bits of details with you. The cost of adoption is not just court fee; it is this, the attorney’s fee, the adoption agency’s charges, home study fee and the court fee of the foreign country from where you are adopting the child, if that is applicable. The best way to go about it is to take quotes from multiple places and then select the option based on the cost as well as the value that is going to be delivered in return of the cost.

Again, while you are now ready take this very important decision in your life, to add another life into your family, we are sure you would not want to begin with a bad experience. A peace of mind from a hassle free processing of matters through an experienced adoption attorney is just priceless. Thomas Tebeau III is a recommended and reliable team of lawyers to approach when it comes to legal matters that require adoption attorneys in Atlanta.