How Performance Chip Tuning Helps to Boost Your Vehicle Engine Power?

How Performance Chip Tuning Helps to Boost Your Vehicle Engine Power?

Has the performance of your car’s engine stooped down to a great extent? Then the only way to resolve that issue is by opting for a Performance chip tuning session. It is a modern day method to improvise the ECU or internal combustion engine of your car. This in return upgrades the durability, cost-effectiveness and power of your vehicle’s engine. Today the following write-up will introduce you to performance chip tuning. That apart you will also learn the various ways in which it can boost your car’s power.

An introduction to Performance Chip Tuning

To begin with performance chip tuning aims at enhancing the engines of motorsports. Most of these vehicles are used for show-off and unwinding driving sessions. To be precise, this particular mode of tuning focuses on some crucial attributes of your car. These include the fuel efficiency, torque, engine responsiveness and the reliability of your car. This allows the car’s engine to bear the extra pressure during the several car race competitions. Besides, the vehicle should have adequate amount of fuel to ensure optimum performance.

Need for Essential Components

A couple of load-transmitting powerstrain equipments like transmission and driveshaft etc. may also be required. These equipments are required to provide additional strength to the car’s engine.

Strategies to enhance the power output of a car’s engine

There are various ways to upgrade the output power of your car’s engine. The primary objective behind this is to enhance the efficiency and rate of the combustion in the car’s engine. The compression ratio is increased by putting more air-fuel mixture inside the vehicle’s engine. This is because the compression ratio of this type of car needs an increased level of octane gasoline. This helps in burning the air-fuel mixture and eliminating the redundant products at a faster pace.

Enhancement of Volumetric Efficiency

The procedure stated above again provides your car with an increased level of volumetric efficiency. To verify the extent of air-fuel mixture, air-fuel ratio meters are required indispensably. This amount of fuel will automatically have a positive impact on your car’s performance. Conversely, this provides your car with a good deal of cost-effectiveness in terms of fuel consumption. In short, Diesel chip tuning should stress upon the overall development of your car.

Top 5 ways to increase the power of your car

Just like Engine chip tuning, performance chip tuning is equally advantageous to increase your car’s performance optimally. There are certain ways in which performance chip tuning can do the same. Given below are just 5 of these ways for you to consider.

  • Better Burning Efficiency

Performance chip tuning utilizes the valve timing of your car optimally. This automatically improves the burning efficiency of your car. Conventionally, the power is increased at a single range during the operation of the RPM. Meanwhile, the performance of the other attributes of your vehicle decreases somewhat. Camshafts of different features are fitted appropriately to attain this goal successfully.

  • Enlarged Compression Ratio

The method of performance chip tuning helps in increasing the size of the compression ratio. This is usually done by downsizing the size of the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber actually optimizes the cylinder pressure. This ensures the burning of fuel much faster than before. This action is carried out through the usage of thinner head gaskets or massive compression height pistons. Alternatively, a milling machine can also be used to cut off the cylinder’ head.

The Verdict

This results in the creation of engine knock due to high compression ratios. If high-quality octane fuels are used, then it can easily avoided.

  • Electronic Alterations

Performance chip tuning offers the modification of your car’s engine electronically. This is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. Through performance chip tuning, you can easily alter the firmware of your car’s EMS. The fact is the modern day engines offer much better functionality than the older ones. These engines have a greater level of power as well. Installation of the EMS reduces this power favourably. Conversely, this lets your engine function effortlessly across different types of RPMs.

  • Installation of Thermal Insulation

Reducing the temperature consumption of your car’s engine is imperative. This can be done by reducing its underbonnet temperature. To accomplish this task successfully good-quality thermal insulation has to be installed indispensably. This can either be in the form of an exhaust heat management, thermal barrier coating or heatshield. The thermal insulation must be installed about or on the exhaust manifold. This leads to an increased heat diversion from the underbonnet area.

  • Enhanced Engine Displacement

Performance chip tuning mustn’t be confused with the performance chip tuning method. This is because it aids in enhancing the engine displacement of your vehicle. This is normally done via two individual techniques. These include the methods of stroking and boring which optimize a crankshaft with a much better throw.

Empower your vehicle

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for ECU chip tuning to boost your car’s engine reasonably.