Fumigation: The process of fumigation involves the packaging and dealing with the products and provisions into an air-tight precinct for a long time period. Mainly, this process is done to remove the infestation of the pests from the products. The best part about this process is that it does not leave the harmful effects on the products or the surroundings. The process of pest control with the help of Fumigation has been considered the most preferred method by a large number of users. For this process, the fumigants like Magnesium Phosphide or Aluminium Phosphide are used in the form of granules or tablets so that it becomes easy to mix with food products like rice grains, corn, wheat etc.

Need of Fumigation: The Fumigation services are provided by Pest Control firm which uses fumigants for the iradication of pests. Fumigants are nothing but the pesticides which exert the poisonous games when are enclosed in space. This technique can be used in several critical situations when disinfecting is a major need. It is very safe to perform this process of killing unwanted pests from your useful materials. There is no doubt in the fact that the amount of food which is destroyed by the insects and pest in one year would be definitely sufficient to feed a number of people across each country. The major breeding place for such pests and insects is the stores, where the food items have been stored. These pests can attack the products during the time of transportation or during the processing of the product. Due to such pests, there comes an adverse effect on the taste and the smell of the products.

Benefits & Types of Fumigation:

The health damage and the modifications occurred in the appearance of the products are the major consequences of pests. Fumigation process prevents the direct damage of the products and contamination of the products by dead or live insects. The fumigants used for the fumigation process are very toxic in nature. There is a requirement of any trained personnel for application of this pest control process. There are a number of types in which the fumigation is done like Granary fumigation, Agriculture commodities fumigation,  Date palm fumigation, Animal feed fumigation, Tobacco fumigation, ship hold fumigation and so on. And is a famous firm in South Africa which can be contacted for the above mentioned treatments/ services.