FIDS expects to charge at least 100 more in Capitol riots following the wide-ranging conspiracy

Federal officials are waiting to file a criminal complaint against at least 100 more suspects in the widespread Capital Riot investigation, as they follow a

widespread conspiracy involving “multiple participants.

A new draft of the government’s wide-ranging investigation, described as one of the greatest in American history, was included in federal court documents

Friday in a conspiracy case involving nine collaborators of a paramilitary group known as the Oath Guards.

Prosecutors are requesting a 60-day extension, arguing that the complex case requires a large amount of potential evidence while authorities continue their

extensive investigation.

The investigation and prosecution of the Capital Attack will be one of the greatest events in American history, both in terms of the number of defendants and

the quality and quantity of evidence against both sides, prosecutors said. Said. Investigations are ongoing and the government expects at least one hundred

additional people to be charged, he said.

Prosecutors pointed out that 300 cases have been filed against individual defendants so far, and said that the government is investigating conspiracy

activities before and after January 2021.

Some conspiracy theories are being investigated, including many participants, court documents said.

According to court documents, according to court documents, the number of defendants and the amount of possible materials that can be identified will only

continue to increase while the Capital Attack investigation continues. In short, the amount of material that can be detected, even in the case of a single

defendant, can be significant enough.

The case is part of the government’s case against Othkeepers for allegedly coordinating their role in the attack that killed five people, including a Capitol

police officer.

During the extension of the case last month, prosecutors added six other suspects, including 52-year-old Kelly Mags from Florida, who directly referred to

former President Donald Trump in a Facebook campaign to attract more employers to the January protests.

Trump said he would be wild !!!!!!! Could be wild !!!!!!! He wants us to do what he says, Mags complained a few weeks before the Capitol blockade. He called

us all to the Capitol and asked for our TomcatWild !!! Siries !!! Guys, we’ll pack your SK to DC — !!

Federal prosecutors moved to the Capitol, wearing helmets, tight jackets, and military signatures to form the group by joining the radio, following how they

planned the roles of Calwell and others during the week of the attack.

In a projected New Year post on Facebook, Calwell warned the group that protests against the Biden election will begin on January 5 and January.

They’re trying to persuade millions or more of patriots on the streets to get some crude oil in the Capitol Mountains, she complained. This kettle is about

to explode.

According to prosecutors, on the day of the attack, eight members of the group “prepared for battle by equipping themselves with communication equipment and

supplying reinforced vests, helmets and goggles.”

Caldwell was released pending trial on Friday, stating that the retired Navy commander was not among the rebels who entered the capital when he questioned

the evidence against a federal judge.

Earlier this week, another member of the Oath Guard and a senior US military leader, Kenneth Harrelson, was arrested and charged in connection with Catholic


According to the FBI, Harrelson was among the filmmakers who went through chaos through an Army-style structure.

The FBI said the phone records showed that Harrelson held a meeting called “DC Planning Call” on January 3 and spoke to Mags in the days before the uprising.

Florida, Denelon, Mags was arrested on February 17th.

After receiving the footage of Go to Meetings, the FBI decided that Harrelson would hold about 30 meetings of Oath Holders under its Getter the user between September 30 and January 3.