Derek Chauvin’s case highlights America’s racial divisions after George Floyd’s death

Within days, Nekima Levi Armstrong got up very early and joined the leaders to protest in front of the Henepin County Government Center in the Minneapolis suburb.

Like many black Americans, Derek Chauvin is worried about what is happening in the concrete and glass buildings, where a jury selection is made to determine

his fate. The former police officer is accused of killing George Floyd, who died after tying Floyd on his knees for more than nine minutes.

As a result, the video started the summer protests and the rise of the national census. Although Levy Armstrong said he expected convictions, he admits that

the verdict would not allay his concerns about systematic racism in the police, which resulted in the killing of an unreasonable number of blacks, women and

children by law enforcement agencies.

Levi Armstrong, a civil rights lawyer and founder of the city’s grassroots justice network, says people feel a mixture of expectations and concerns. We

haven’t really seen white male officers blamed for killing blacks in our state, so there are many steps and reasons unknown. But I know hard fans will not

change the system. A more meticulous approach to hard work, time and justice will be required.

As a result of Floyd’s death and a year after the National Black Lives Matter epidemic, many colorless people got sick or died, Chowinstriel’s wall-to-wall

media coverage is ready to reopen healing wounds for many black Americans. .

At the same time, many white Americans seem to have moved away from belonging and solidarity weeks after the death of 46-year-old Floyd.

A USA Today / Ipsos survey published last week found that trust in the Black Lives Matter movement dropped from 60% to 50% last June, with 3% of Americans

describing the murders as 60% last summer. Those who value law enforcement, even if it means that the limit for peaceful protests has increased from 45% to

49% in the past few months.

Black Americans are increasingly disappointed with the progress of racial justice, according to a USA Today / Ipsos poll. The survey shows that 54% of black

Americans say that racial relations have deteriorated from 40% of white respondents last year. There is a clear gap in racial lines in how Americans view

Floyd’s death ethnically: 228% of white Americans call it murder, compared to 4% of Black Americans.

James Taylor, a professor of politics at the University of San Francisco and author of Black Nationalism in the United States, said the trial was politically

important, but psychologically Black America was so reluctant to translate black murders. : Malcolm X to Barack.

Taylor said the state of racial relations in the United States was similar to post-Civil War violence and divisions in the South.

He said it was the worst case ever in this country, except for Jim Crowe. The real crime right now is that Democrats are not fighting for black people like

Trump’s people are fighting (Donald).

Taylor pointed to recent incidents where authorities were not charged for the deaths of black citizens, such as the decision not to prosecute Rochester, New

York, an official who placed a net over Daniel Proud’s 41-year-old head a year ago. Later unconscious and died

Proud suffered a psychological incident, but staff saw the same example of the force used to kill Floyd in the incident, which was arrested for allegedly

passing a $ 20 fake bill and Chauvin expelling air from under the knee.

According to a study from the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, research has shown that regular racism continues

to be a psychological and physiological black tax amount as a result of almost daily discrimination and prejudice against black Americans. week.

Vicky Mayes, one of the study’s authors, said in a statement that blacks in particular experience a constant experience of inequality and disappointment when

they try to contribute. Often they are treated as criminals in a society where they are not allowed to reach their full potential.

Chauvin, 44, is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter, although he could be charged with third-degree murder. Five people were selected to serve

until Wednesday afternoon on the jury.

Minneapolis officials have been trying to demonstrate throughout the trial and for weeks they have been holding fences and barricades around government

buildings, holding police officers and National Guard forces on standby. In the days and weeks following Floyd’s death last spring, images of the city

Floyd’s breathless tears have become a motto among leaders around the world.

For writer and historian Douglas Brinkley, the video of Floyd’s death became a 21st century Japruder film with the gray silent image of Abraham Japruder’s

flag after the murder of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.

Brinkley, who teaches history at Rice University in Houston, said that Floyd’s video clip looks like a Japruder movie in which people who are currently

committing more than a thousand heinous crimes will take the test. It is representative of the ethnic divisions in this country.

After Floyd’s death, the country was devastated every year. An emotional explosion in the 19th century against black Americans in the 19th century in New

York in the 19th century. It also started from the slavery of the civil rights movement.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, black protesters often joined Americans of all races, and sympathetic rallies were held around the world as they marched to

cities in each state. Activism, not limited to the Black Live Mattersocial Justice Movement and emerging across the nation, brought voters to a record number

of votes and helped election President Joe Biden.

In addition to being a runner friend, Biden pledged to systematically fight racism in federal residences, prisons, the White House, and other government

bodies to become the country’s first black and black female vice president. Last week, House Georgie Floyd passed the Justice in Polishing Act, which would

ban blockages and change legal protections to protect officers from prosecution.

But critics’ complaints are slowly changing. Black activists said they were planning to keep Biden’s campaign promises and press state and local governments

to change their regulations so they felt prejudiced by their nature.

Melina said that this trial was the first of its kind after the summer coup, and we are now watching carefully whether the legal system can be reorganized

under pressure if such results were not in our favor in the past. Abdullah, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles and professor of Pan-African Studies

at California State University-Los Angeles.

Abdullah recalled a trial that resulted in days of deadly riots by firing officers in charge of an all-white jury who joined the courthouse in a white suburb

after Rodney King was beaten by a group of Los Angeles police officers in 1991. The beating of the king was also filmed.

“We are here on the 30th anniversary of the beating of that King, and then what the criminal justice and political system is telling us is’ don’t believe

your fake eyes.” Now for George Floyd. “But we’re not in a trance, we’re pushing for meaningful justice reform.

The jury will be an equally important component of the election proceeding, ensuring that residents include representatives of the black community in

Minneapolis. According to the latest census, the dominant ethnic groups in the city are white (0%), black (19%) and Hispanic (10%).

Towards the end, Floyd spoke about the results of the trial, Todd Boyd, Catherine, and Frank Price hired their Android chairs to study race and popular

culture at the University of Southern California-Los Angeles.

If there is a strong belief, it is minimal in some ways – it does what the system says it should do, Boyd said. Strong faith does not mean any party.