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US postpones the Balkan Peace Summit, in the wake of Trump’s foreign policy

The White House planned to host the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo on Saturday. At the time, the Kosovo leader was indicted...

Extensive testing of the coronavirus vaccine is beginning in South Africa

Extensive testing of the coronavirus vaccine began Wednesday in South Africa, making it the first African country to be involved in such...

Zuckerberg is losing $ 7 billion as companies boycott Facebook ads

Mark Zuckerberg has just become poorer by $ 7.2 billion after a rush of companies pulled advertising from Facebook Inc.

Bitcoin will hit a $1 billion earthquake this week

Beginning with Bitcoin 2020, its growth came to a sudden halt, with the price failing to stay above $ 10,000 per bitcoin.

New evidence of virus risks from wildlife trafficking

Rats sold in Southeast Asian markets and restaurants contain more coronavirus, research shows. The proportion of positive rats increased...

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