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A list of email management apps that really work!

email management apps

Professional communication is incomplete without emails. So, how many of you spend more than one hour of your work time responding to emails? The whole world has digitized and thus, everything from credit card bills to course certifications is given via emails. A lot of professionals are struggling to manage emails as 5-10 messages keep on pouring every day.  

This, good email management apps are introduced to deal with inboxes efficiently. These email apps provide comprehensive support to its users and help in saving their time. Some email management apps are known for helping in maintaining a balance.

5 best email management apps 

  1. Mailman

Mailman is one of the best email management apps as it helps you manage your inbox efficiently. It blocks unimportant emails and thus, helps you to stay productive. It is a paid email management app that offers a free trial of 21 days.


  1. dison Mail

It is a free and simple email app for smartphones. It comes with an in-built assistant which helps you in managing emails. This email management app is known for providing security as well.


  1. Clean Email

It is a good email management app that helps in catering to messages efficiently. It helps you to sort out unread emails and unwanted emails. It is a paid app but it allows you to access 10000 emails for free.


  1. Newton Mail

It is a very reliable email management app. It works on all different systems including Android, IOS and Windows. It tracks your emails and can be used with all your inboxes. It is a paid email management app that offers a free trial for 14 days.


  1. TypeApp Mail

TypeApp Mail supports all email providers. It allows you to unify your inboxes while offering you landscape and portrait views.



Managing emails has become a chore now, especially because you have 2-3 different inboxes. The stress related to inboxes is fundamental and thus, a good email management system is needed in this technical era. Hence, try one of the email management apps mentioned above and ease your worries.

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