A plan to hit the road of San Francisco is worth executing.

San Francisco, the stunning scenery designed by the creator of the universe which has no limit to its attractiveness. The place in itself is a romantic dream to view. The sophistication lies in the pleasure of music, art, and good food.

A plan to hit the road of San Francisco is worth executing. 

Cherry on the cake, is the beauty and the adventurous can go along well with the help of bike tours services.

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Now Let us the figure out the 10 Best Places to Visit by using the convenient ride of electric bike tours in San Francisco :

  1. Golden Gate of San Francisco: The tour of San Francisco starts with a view of the Golden Gate of San Francisco. It is the first and the most famous stop for tall orange towers that have a height of 746 feet and the favorite place for photographers. Bikes and Cars are permitted across the Bridge for 24 hours to experience the eccentric view of the place.
  2. Alcatraz Island: if you have only a day for the city, Alcatraz Island is a must to visit. It is another famous tourist attraction point due to its history of eminent prisoners who were inmates’. Moreover, the release of the fictional movie named ‘The Birdman of Alcatraz’ has brought the place in the limelight. Ferry over to the island is worth the deal for the site while listening to an exceptional audio recording that offers a glimpse into life in the prison, rather than just a historical list of the facts. The narration is even voiced by former inmates and guards of Alcatraz.
  3. Fisherman’s Wharf: To explore the real taste and fun of the city, Fisherman’s Wharf is the accurate place to visit. This place is known for its shops, restaurant, beautiful setting along the waterfront, and its stroll filled with fun.
  4. Ride the Cable Cars: The discovery of cable cars happened in 1873 to help the local public in the city of hills which has now become one mode to enjoy the road trip in the City. While enjoying the ride in cable cars, travelers visited Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, the Ferry Building, Nob Hill, and Lombard Street.
  5. Golden Gate Park: It is considered as ‘Lungs’ of the city due to fresh, green surroundings. The walking trails of the park and cycling paths are covered with the beauty of 5,000 different kinds of plants and dozens of species of trees, several lakes, bridle paths, and a buffalo paddock.

    The must-visit site explorers include the de Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences Museum with Steinhart Aquarium, the Japanese Tea Garden, and the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Bike rentals are available to travel around the park, rather than trying hectic and tiring strolling.
  6. Chinatown: It is another interesting place to see the sights with the eye-opening facts accompanying it. It is both the largest Chinatown outside of Asia and the oldest of its kind in North America which was completely destroyed in the 1906 earthquake. However, the new built of china is fascinating vacationers even more as it has been explicitly designed in Chinese style.
  7. Legion of Honor: The collection of European decorative arts, sculptures, and paintings, along with antiquities from the Mediterranean and Near East can be found in the Legion of Honor Museum. The location of the museum makes it an even more exciting place to visit as it gives the opportunity to enjoy the comfortable, soothing walk of gorgeous green space with a golf course and coastal woodlands of Lincoln Park.
  8. Palace of Fine Arts: the beautiful palace is the perfect definition of beauty. It is the last remaining unique structure since the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition. The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre seats approximately 1,000 patrons.
  9. California Academy of Sciences: It is known as a state-of-the-art “green” building with a sustainable design that has a 2.5-acre Living Roof, covered with native plants and even rolling hills to match the natural surroundings. It is connected with nature so deeply that even the electricity is generated naturally with the help of solar energy and the soil acts as natural insulation. The walls are largely made of glass allowing for natural light.
  10. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: It Is one of the widely spread museums which has 10floors with 45000 feet of ground-floor gallery. The music to your ears is that it is free for visitors 18 and younger.

So, make your dream come true of visiting and experience the culture and beauty of glorious San Francisco by choosing the adventurous and comfortable ride on the electric bike.

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